Bourdain on CNN?

For those of you who have followed me for a while, you know my interests are all over the place. Music, food, politics, whatever! And there are rare moments when in some way, shape or form, they converge.

My endless and sometimes sickening foodie-ism, foodaholicism, foodsession has always taken me down the path to Anthony Bourdain, who I have written about periodically. He is a bit of a conundrum, which he himself realizes. And it is that which attracts so many viewers to his shows. He is brutally honest about people in the food world whether critics, Food Network stars, chefs or himself. And his musical tastes are often in line with that New York life he leads which you can define as Ramones or Iggy and the Stooges centric.

So this morning’s announcement that he will be leaving Travel Channel (and therefore Travel & Escape in Canada) was a bit of a shock. The bigger shock was hearing that he’s moving to CNN. You can read the announcement here.

I guess the part that is equally surprising and in so many ways, not, was that he will provide commentary as well. So you can see where 3 of my passions merge into one bizarre muddle! I love what this guy does and I wish him the very best.

I can’t see this without some concerns. He has moments that I look at as somewhat cartoon-esque. Like at a recent event in New York, going about how he’d eat human and then feeling the need to go on about it. To me that is so much blather and almost falls into the category of him becoming a parody of himself. A caricature. I very much hope that will not be the case here. I truly don’t expect it will.

For the two shows that I really hate to miss, No Reservations and The Layover, this announcement is met with a bit of melancholy. And though in Canada we seem to have missed several years of No Reservations (why????), I have watched every episode available (I guess you could call that No Resurbation!). And The Layover, though a year behind in Canada, at least is close to current. The mix of food and culture in a tour of cities of the world is really quite eye-opening at times. I trust whatever is coming at CNN will follow the tradition and perhaps re-open many American’s eyes to the fact that there is a great big world out there. Of course most CNN viewers are more aware of that. Perhaps he should have gone to FoxNews!! Now THAT would be fun!

So all the best to you and your crew Tony! From a guy you don’t and will never know. But will always be following your travels.

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  1. I am not sure if you do awards or if you already have enough, but you have inspired me so I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. 🙂

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