Humble and Fred Meet Vacuity!

It’s not every day that two of my favourite things meet! This sounds like a sad version of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups doesn’t it? Two great tastes that taste great together. Now I can’t say I’ve licked either (came close with Humble once!) so I have no idea!

Anyway, my favourite local band Vacuity made their first appearance on the Humble and Fred podcast today! This is very exciting as the marketing campaign for The Black Hour gets rolling in earnest. Here’s the preview of the show:

Where can I hear this fantastic show and performance you may ask? I heard you. Yes I did! I’m funny that way!

So, as always, the Humble and Fred Radio (dot com) podcast can be downloaded for free on iTunes. Make sure you grab the June 19th show so can hear Vacuity’s great performance. And grab a bunch of others so you can have a ton of laughs!

You can also download the podcast of this specific show here.

You can visit Humble and Fred’s site for lots of clips and fun here.

Humble and Fred are guest hosting the morning show on Kingston’s awesome K-ROCK 105.7 for the summer. You can listen live each weekday morning here.

You can check out Vacuity’s upcoming tour schedule and get a free download of the first single The Black Hour here.

You can listen to the single there or just play it here if you need a quick fix!

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