Halo – Porcupine Tree

Watch/Listen here:

I have to say I knew very little of this band. So I was quite surprised that Porcupine Tree had been around since 1987! They have a stellar and eclectic discography that’s worth a look. This particular song is from the album Deadwing. Their live shows are supposed to be full on multi-media events! I hope they come my way one day soon!

Lyrics here, more below:
God is in my fingers
God is in my head
God is in the trigger
God is in the lead

God is freedom
God is truth
God is power
And God is proof

God is fashion
God is fame
God gives meaning
God gives pain

You can be right like me
With God in the hole
You’re a righteous soul

I got a halo round me
I got a halo round me
I’m not the same as you

Cos I’ve seen the light
And I’m gaining in height now
I got a halo round me
I got a halo round me
I got a halo round my head

God is on the cellphone
God is on the net
God is in the warning
God is in the threat

So do you think this is about God?

Funny thing is I look at this in two different ways. One is that God is everywhere and everything, good and bad. The very standard expectation that God lives in and through us.

But when I stopped and thought about it more. Went back over it again. I ended up feeling like he was trying to say God is the problem. I may be wrong. But I got that ‘televangelist’ feel out of it. That the bastardization of faith is a large and present danger. Curious if anyone else feels that way. Feel free to comment your thoughts. I do feel that the music backs up the darker interpretation though sometimes that is just the style. But it works with it in theis case.

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