Left To Imply

A semblance of trust
Assembled in rust
Wasteland of waterless
Barren, arid crust

A definition of lonely
Definitely and possibility
Wanton drivel in my mind
Trussed up in a fantasy

Assuaged by the redolence
Ice-aged in my countenance
I visibly decayed
Drenched in sun-dried miscreance

If you ever wondered why
Or perhaps
The thought simply made you cry
The reason is the reason
Lacking such
In this season
Not simply left to imply

I’m in the library Alexandria
Reading about Alex pre-Cambria
And toasting the truly intellectual
Just living in a town called Disturbia

Xenophobe that I am
Seen the foe that I slam
Left the carpet on the roll
And became even less than I can

My silhouette is emaciated
My soul left unemancipated
And the reality is simply
Even more and even less appreciated

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