Ever See A Band Too Big For The Venue

Have you ever had that experience?  Seeing a band that filled a room?  Not so much with bodies but with sound and presence?  Think U2 in a pub in 1979.  Think Radiohead in a broom closet.

I had that experience Friday night. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Vacuity at their CD release party at Maxwell’s Music House. Maxwell’s is a great venue for local talent. The room is small but it has a lot of heart and soul. Not to mention great acoustics.

I have been talking about Vacuity for a while now (maybe you noticed!). After e-mailing and Tweeting with Greg and Rob (Lead guitar and lead vocal respectively) many times I had the great pleasure of saying hello in person. Better though was the chance to see these guys live. And man did they kill it. Not kidding. I love the cd. Live is a mind-blow!!

As a point of reference I have seen exactly two concerts in the last year. Vacuity was obviously one. U2 360 was the other.

So there was 70,000 delirious fans at Rogers Centre. There were about 50 at Maxwell’s. Half of them were family and friends.

Both shows had amazing and at times surprising musical revelations. Both shows had visuals that neither distracted from nor took away from the show. One was on a massive screen that moved and lived and breathed. The other was at the back of the stage and was maybe 6 feet wide.

So I’m watching Vacuity. Greg blowing my mind on guitar. Rob’s stellar and passionate vocals. Paul’s solid flooring for the band on bass. And a killer drum master in Emeri. These amazing images are accompanying each song and well placed micro cameras mixing band and video seamlessly. It may sound strange but I thought the whole thing would have translated to a stadium. Images on a giant screen. Band presence filling the space.

That was the real lesson on Friday for me. These guys are set for transition. They have the pieces. Now they need the opportunity.

Humble and Fred was a great start. And then today they were asked to open for The Trews due to a band backing out due to injury. So they got to perform for a nice Canada Day crowd in Kitchener. As Humble said to me ‘Congrats to the boys. Very deserving’. I am doing what I can to help them along (not as much as I wish I could). They are doing all the right things. This mini-tour around the area is getting the word out. Local college radio is playing The Black Hour. They did a free concert in Waterloo Square. So things are happening.

On a very personal note, I had picked up a CD at the show. I opened the package Saturday morning. Beautiful job screening the CDs. Started reading the ‘thank you’ section and I was stunned to see my name! Now keep in mind, I have always dreamt of seeing my name on a CD cover. Okay, the dream was to be as lyric writer on a song (as I have no music or vocal skills!). But hey, for me that was a very big deal. Thanks guys!!

Please visit their website and buy the CD or digital download here. Help me build momentum to put these guys on the size of stage they deserve!!

If you are in or around Windsor July 7th, check them out at The Phog Lounge. I will post updates on video and full tour dates as they become available.

Many thanks to Melissa Lukezic from Velvet Rope Magazine for the images in this post!!

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2 Responses to Ever See A Band Too Big For The Venue

  1. Well said and written Larry, I know what you say makes sense. These guys are soooo much better than what you hear at David Letterman´s or Jay Leno´s shows. Vacuity has matured and evolved in their complexity, musicality etc. Astonishing when you consider that none of the band´s members have formal musical training from what I know. Thanks for writing about them!

    • larrylootsteen says:

      There is something to be said for natural talent!! Even Adam and Larry from U2 went for classes later in life. Music is always a learning experience! While most people my age stick with the classics (whether 60’s, 70’s or 80’s) I have never been able to sit still that way. Too boring. Vacuity just proves the point you never know what you’ll miss if you stop looking! Thanks for sharing that!

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