At What Point

At what point
Do we stop and ask if it’s too much
When winning at all cost
Is a price we just can’t touch

At what point
Do we say that sacrifice is needed
That we have to give up something
For those who have begged and pleaded

At what point
Did we stop fighting for what is right
Stepping up and shouting out
And demanding it day and night

At what point
Did our children’s future stop mattering
In the world of ‘now’
Their potential shattering

At what point
Did food stop being a necessity
To be an obsessive
Destructive and selfish obscenity

At what point
Did your neighbours disappear
You and your media devices
Locked up alone in your sphere

At what point
Did shares get identified as votes
When the individual’s meaning
Becomes something of a joke

At what point
Did money become cocaine
Companies don’t care about workers
Treating them with such disdain

At what point
Did we stop being equals
politicos and money trolls
A bunch of pig trough squeals

At what point do we break
And try to find a way back
prioritize what’s right
For a positive impact
To put each other first
To learn again to share
To sacrifice for the future
To want and try to care
This world is not unlimited
We have to live within our means
To give our kids some hope
So they can live their dreams
When greed will take a backseat
To the idea of doing what’s best
And maybe joy can live again
For you, for me and the rest

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