New U2 Confirmed for 2013

As I had previously predicted in my post U2 Back In The Studio For The Last Time, it does appear U2 are headed for a 2013 release and assumed tour to follow.

Check out the following article from gigwise:

Of course there is nothing on any official U2 site saying this. I truly hate that is the LAST place to get U2 news.

Assuming that is all true, the question becomes whether for U2 this is beginning of the end or the end of yet another beginning. There is no doubt that any tour will be a massive sellout. The question is whether this release and the associated production will have any real meaning.

The endless blatherings from Bono on ‘dance’ tracks or ‘club’ hits always gets me worried. I trust they will keep their souls here. New blood and new ideas are always welcome. The question is whether the DNA gets destroyed in the process. I thought it was a huge error trying to go old-school with Rick Rubin. I have t wonder if Danger Mouse is going to be a plus. I hope so. Time will tell. You can start holding your breath. I am here breathing deeply with nary an expectation on when!

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1 Response to New U2 Confirmed for 2013

  1. The new stuff is always rough going down the first time. Takes me a few times to mix it with my mind. But in the end, i get it…. I have to say tho, the first few moments of ‘No Line On The Horizon’ gripped me tight. And that hadn’t happened in quite some time. Really made my head spin! I’m excited about the dance stuff…. I’m very partial to Achtung/Zooropa/Pop and tapping into those vibrations.

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