From My Cold, Dead Hands

I am Canadian.

There I said it.

Land of gun control. The NRA hates us. Well NRA, you are going to have to pry the keyboard from my cold, dead hands. Sadly, many members would probably like to do that.

I’m not saying our system is perfect. It is not. We’ve had a rash of shootings in Toronto over the last few weeks. Far beyond what we’ve seen before. Some is gang related. Yes. We have gangs in big cities too.

For all that, consider the following statistics:

“In one year, GUNS murdered 35 in Australia, 39 in England & Wales, 194 in Germany, 200 in Canada, & 9,484 in the United States.”

Let’s keep in mind that Canada has about 1/10th the population of the U.S. and yet we have nearly 1/50th the number of murders.


Can anyone answer the question why anyone needs automatic and semi-automatic weapons with magazines capable of firing dozens and hundreds of shots?

Is that hunting? What kind of sport requires decimating the prey. It is supposed to require time, patience and failure. With that kind of weapon hunting is no longer a sport. It’s killing for killing’s sake.

So gun owners, is that what you are? Killers for killing’s sake. I mean between hunting grounds where the animals are ‘managed’ so you can make sure you get a ‘kill’ and guns that can decimate any animal, what kind of person does this? What kind of mentality takes the sport out of sport.

For clarity, I am not against hunting. I don’t do it but I understand the sport. I have no issue with people who hunt with regular equipment. I have no issue with people who hunt in open woods. But there is a sick mentality around massive weapons that guarantee the ‘win’ to the shooter.

Now, look at the Aurora shooting. If that asshole had no access to that kind of weaponry, the numbers would have been far different. Still not good but better than it was. And if he knew he could not have wreaked the amount of havoc that he did, would he have even bothered? We’ll never know. But the question still applies. Sadly, many people’s response is to go buy a gun (see article here). Why don’t you understand inability to fire works far better than firing back.

So America, are you the land of the mow down or the land of the natural hunter. What’s fair? What’s necessary? What is freedom? Is it the ability to shot 50 animals in 20 seconds flat (or people, sitting in a theater)? Or is the true meaning of fair game? Are you a people who win no matter what’s right or wrong? Or are you a fair and decent folk.

As for the NRA, your cold dead hands happen to belong to the 12 dead in Aurora. Sadly, your response will be to bunker down and go after Obama for doing absolutely nothing to pry those guns from your warm and somewhat twisted political motivations.

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1 Response to From My Cold, Dead Hands

  1. Pete Olsen says:

    Wow! Great rant…great observations…I totally agree with your sentiments! – Pete

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