I listen to the speeches
They come in droves
Podunk towns and babies
Come on, gather ’round

The lies they start out early
And they flow like liquid shit
Said by men who should know better
I wish they’d swallow instead of spit

The sickness that is money
Keeps the operations on the go
Commercials twist and edit
Whatever truth there is to know

Policies are made from groups
Who buy their way right in
No party defines what’s best for us
Best hide from investigation

Your candidate is brought to you by
The NRA or Big Oil
Or banks or bloody billionaires
Who wouldn’t let us near their soil

Taxes are paid by you and me
But not those with the riches
You made more than me by far
So you hide it like greedy bitches

My country tisn’t of thee
Since you for it not a whit
What’s mine is mine and yours is mine
And I’ll buy the laws for it

Of Presidents and candidates
The Romneys and Obamas
Nothing works and nothing changes
With the Ryans and the Bidens
I wish I could say at least one stood up
And called out ‘This is fucked’
That we won’t see
Any time soon
Since money bought their silence
The media controlled and contrived
Nothing real finds our eyes
And you and I can’t find a job
Unless you can ask ‘Do you want fries’?
So if you are bent over, wondering
How many times you’ve been humped
It’s countless fucked up the ass and with a stick
On the stump and I’m still stumped

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