Whence Sanity

I’m just having one of those days. Everywhere I look, madness abounds. Seriously, quotes like ‘It was the best of times’ make me laugh and then burst into tears. I don’t even have the energy for the harangue that I should be on about the world we live in.

Up here in the good ole home of the freeze and land of the ‘bronze is the new gold’, Canada that is, our peerless bleater (Prime Minister Stephen Harper) is at it again. The Northern Gateway pipeline being proposed is designed to transport our lovely, inexpensive and pollution free tar sands oil (Note: SARCASM) to the coast of British Columbia. Crossing mile after mile of pristine wilderness where there is NO chance of leaks (Note: SARCASM) to be delivered into tankers which have no chance of spilling into our lovely waters after some tricky manuevers (Note: SARCASM). You can top this lovely idea with Dear Leader (as we have started calling our Prime Minister for all his miscreant behaviour) who insists that nothing will be done with appropriate scientific approval.

As great as that may sound, Harper recently trashed the budget for the Department of Fisheries, who would be the ones doing the environmental studies. And guess what? They can’t complete them because they don’t have the staff nor the budget to do so. Hmmm, anyone wondering if the excuse for approval by the Harper majority will be the inability to complete the studies in a timely manner, if at all? If you are shaking your head and muttering ‘fuck’ under your breath right now, you are not alone (Note: NO SARCASM INTENDED).

Hmmm, where else can we go for madness? How about Todd Akin, sitting Missouri senator and, stunned I know, a Republican. He’s running for re-election. So he’s recently been on tv discussing Obamacare, as they are want to do periodically. And then he drops the bomb. An old bomb but still a bomb about how doctors say that women who are legitimately raped cannot get pregnant. This isn’t the first time that one has been thrown about by the GOP and their mindless minions. What the fuck is legitimate rape? So I guess if you get raped and get pregnant, you weren’t actually raped. ARE THESE PEOPLE FUCKED IN THE HEAD???? How does someone this ill-informed get elected. And I ask the people of Missouri specifically, how can you elect someone who is so obviously either doing what he is told by the party, lying though he knows better or is just an evil misogynist? Seriously, has anyone ever read a book?

Best of all? He won’t drop out of the race. Because he believes enough of his constituents are either stupid or insane enough to vote for him? What the fuck? I have started pronouncing Missouri as ‘misery’.

Last word for today goes to the great state of Virginia. I will leave you with this headline and a link to the article. You can just do whatever you like with it. Perhaps print it out and wipe your ass with it. No idea what else to do with this.

Headline: Virginia Republicans Call for Armed Revolution if Obama Wins in November

You can read the article here.

Virginia is for lovers, my ass.

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