You Can Call It God If You Want To

That voice you hear
Inside your head
That tells you what’s right
And what’s wrong

It really is just you
You know
Common sense is something
We all have

It’s okay to think
That God is speaking
But are you selling yourself
Short for credit

See, my feeling is
We all know what’s right
No matter each’s faith
This is a human trait

And to think only
Your God is good
Just assumes that
Everyone else’s is bad

You know that’s not true
Please tell me you do
Because there’s something wrong
If you are so deluded

It’s the same sort of thing
When someone asks questions
That make you angry
Because you can’t answer

Happens to me
Pretty regularly
But I don’t get mad
I just go find out

Sometimes we’re right
And still can’t say why
But we need to find out
Because it’s important

Ignorance is bliss?
The hell it is
Ignorance is ignorance
And a dangerous state

Like believing in heaven
Because someone said it is
Or that I’ll go to hell
Because I don’t believe

The beliefs you grew up with
And the beliefs you choose
Need to be grounded with the facts
That you don’t really know

I don’t deny you your right
To believe if you want
Just don’t shit on me
Because I don’t agree

And if I ask you a question
Admit you don’t know
Instead just attacking
And making a show

I don’t have all the answers
And neither do you
But there aspects of this
You should understand

The books you rely on
Are written by men
They’ve been chosen and edited
But you still depend

And which God is THE God?
The one that you know?
They believe the same thing
So where does this go?

All I want is some truth
And some sanity in this
You can believe what you want
As can I, as can they

We are all created equal
None better than other
Mostly good lives in us
But evil does too

So ask yourself why
You get so mad at the other
And why just the same
They get mad at you too

Suffer not the children
Suffer not the women
Suffer not the fool
Yes I’m looking at you

But also I’m looking
In the mirror at me
Because I always must question
Just what I believe

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3 Responses to You Can Call It God If You Want To

  1. Pete Olsen says:

    Much of what you’ve shared here I agree with but I respectfully remain “deluded” when it comes to certain things. As I place my faith in someone else, that allows me to agree with much of what you’re saying because if a universe-creator created me, then I must be quite something. I don’t have many answers either but I do love the questions and the positions we find ourselves in. Peace brother…Pete

    • larrylootsteen says:

      I trust you caught the ‘deluded’ was only referring to the ‘your God is good means everyone else’s isn’t’ statement. We all have our own delusions about all sorts of things. And whether there is a universe creator or not, you are always something!! 😉

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