What Should U2 Call Their New Album?

So U2 has a new album coming out in the months and months (and months and months and months) ahead. This got me thinking. What should they call it?

We’ve all heard the obvious Songs of Ascent. I can reliably (okay, not really) predict that it will NEVER be called that.

Hmmm, so let’s look at where we’re at. The boys ARE getting older.

Possible Album: Vintage – songs include Just a Closer Walker With Me and Phlegm

Possible Album: Antique – songs include Grains of Time, Rot and Coughin’ (do the math on that one!

Then again, perhaps working with Danger Mouse might take it in a different direction.

Possible Album: Grind – songs include That Ain’t Coffee and Banana In Adam’s Pocket

Possible Album: Laser – songs include Blinded Me With Silence and Sunglasses

Of course being the social issue type of dudes that they are…

Possible Album: Afreaka – songs include Insurrection, Dick Tater, I Am Well and Call Me Bono (a cover, of sorts)

Possible Album: Onelove – songs include Aida (a typo that turned into an opera), Two Little Pills and Vaccination Girl

But, then again, they are Irish…

Possible Album: Dubblin (a two cd set) – songs include I Still Know These Guys?, Her Hills of Donegal and Can’t Take The ‘Mc’ out of Guinness

Possible Album: Mick – songs include Drunk at Dockers, Praying To The Porcelain Gods and Ballyhoo In Ballymun

And if we want to go the route of the end of their career…

Possible Album: Goodbye – songs include (Not) Dreaming It Up Again, See Ya and We’re Not Stones

Possible Album: Finished – songs include Kingdom Coming, Over (And Out), Long Road and The Bitter End

Of course this is ALL possible. And I am holding my breath to see which of my predictions is correct. As are you. Kind of like I hold my breath on when they will release it. Or anything. Ever!

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