Music Is My Faith

As anyone who has read my blog over the years would know, faith has always been something I’ve struggled with. Not religion. Faith. Religion is just a fundamental twisting of the message into whatever considered or twisted way man wants to view the bibles of the world. Religion is about money, power and control in a large percentage of cases. Faith is about one’s personal view why we are on this earth and what it means. Faith in many ways is about comfort, support and love. My struggle, of course, is faith in God.

I’ve been asked on several occasions by believers where do I turn for comfort. My usual answer involves humans like family and friends. And I know believers do that to so there is always a disconnect about HOW much do you really share about your darkest thoughts and moments. We don’t share all of that. I’m not so sure many believers talk to God about that stuff either. Some people are able to be completely open. I’m not going to argue the worth or if they are talking to their own good sense at the end of the day.

The more I think about this, the more I realize that I do turn other places than people for comfort or to explore darkness or whatever. And truly, I am not alone in this area. I would say many more of us do this then don’t. A vast majority in fact likely do this.

Music. Broken-hearted? What songs do you turn to? Euphoric? What do you listen to? Sad, happy, content, angry, pensive, depressed, joyous, irritated, exhausted? There’s a soundtrack for that.

The fact is that music provides so much of that comfort. No explanation required. If you want to revel in your sadness, you can. If you want a jump up in your mood, you can. You don’t have to answer for how you feel. You can feel without question. It is a partnership of another sort. It is like a dog in a way. Always there for you. Never questions, always happy to see you. Waits patiently for you. And ready to go for a walk at a moment’s notice!

Maybe God loves me and is there for me. I have no idea. But I can certainly hear music directly that will support me through whatever I’m going through. I have had my share of struggles in life. From teenage days to life as an adult, music has been my constant, and sometimes errant (thinking Bay City rollers right now), friend.

And for those of you easily offended, I am not comparing music to God or trying to provide equivalency for the two. But both provide some similar service to us human beings. For this with faith in God, that would likely be at the forefront. For those of us that don’t subscribe, friends, family, music can all provide the emotional support that we all need at times. The other beauty of a song is the way some songs can change meaning with your mood.

Feel free to share in the comments how you feel about this. Curious if anyone has any major disagreements. And if anyone amongst the faithful out there has a prayer they use that changes meaning for them with their mood, I’d love to get some examples there too. I’m not going to attack anyone for their feelings so please don’t be afraid to share.

And since I am who I am, I will share some songs and the emotions I associate them with.

Rage Against The Machine – gotta be anger, frustration support, right?

U2 – Magnificent – I always have this as a soundtrack to euphoria!

The Smiths – this song is so brilliantly confusing!

And a smattering of some happy songs!

Talking Heads

Radiohead – both music and video are joyous for me – even if the lyrics are less so!

Sense Field – I Refuse – a bit happy and a bit of ‘up yours’!

A maybe a little angst ahead…

Airborne Toxic Event

Our Lady Peace

With a touch of anger!

The Clash

And a few more up-beat/feeling good/love-type songs…

Air Traffic – No More Running Away (another where the music takes me another place then the lyrics)

Snow Patrol – Called Out in the Dark

U2 – Two Hearts Beat As One

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