Artful Dodger

I sit and suss my existence
An endless reel of film
Lost in a senseless mindset
Of a loathesome, pathetic shill

I walk on the stage with confidence
A man on a mission of sorts
Framing the contextual landscape
Always ready with a witty retort

I am what you would call a prebot
A voice with a face and a name
My preferences are for what I’m told
I am a sickening type of fame

And if you were ever to touch me
Your hand would slide right off
Like arguments and counterpoints
To me you are nothing but lost

I am and I should be hated
My countenance makes you want to spit
All words and really no substance
I am a callous and meaningless twit

I really want you to listen
I want you to hear what I say
I want you to believe every utterance
I want to control every day

And if you want to know truth
Well brother you are up the wrong tree
For I am the artful dodger
And lies are all you will see

I beg you won’t judge me too harshly
I am only doing my job
I get paid to say what they want to say
I am a puppet and perpetual knob

And when one day my life ends
No one will notice or miss
My tombstone will read like my presence
“Here lies a puddle of piss”

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