Dear Israelis and Palestinians

Watching the news coverage of the latest incarnation of Middle East madness, I am left saddened as always. Not for the obvious reasons, rather that the people of Israel and the people of Gaza have not risen up to demand peace. The only thing that will change the long ingrained reactions of the political elements on both sides.

Palestinians want a free and open homeland free from barricades, housing incursions, blockades. They want to be able to work and trade and go out and enjoy life.

Israelis want freedom from rocket attacks, terror attacks and an end to hate.

Or maybe they don’t. See I have no idea because we only ever hear from the leaderships on both sides.

For clarity and full open disclosure, I have significant ties in Israel. My family on my father’s side is interesting. His parents, my grandparents, included one Jew and one non-Jew. My uncle (my dad’s brother) is Jewish and he moved his family to Israel decades back from Canada.

That said, I am not on one side or the other in this situation. That may seem strange but there’s too much wrong done by the Israeli government in these situations as there is wrong done by Palestinian leadership. I want my family in Israel to be safe. I want all Israelis to be safe. And I want all Palestinians to be safe.

I’m sick of both sides in this finding ways to NOT find peace. Come to the table without conditions. Lock yourselves away from the reports and talk. For the sake of all the people, END THIS MADNESS.

What the citizens of both countries seem oblivious to is that they have power here. You are not at the mercy of your governments. If you want peace. If you want freedom. FIGHT for it. Israelis and Palestinians should unite to tell their leadership ENOUGH!!! Bloodshed stops now. Hatred ends here. Life begins anew TODAY. Peace will only come when the people demand it.

Tell Israel to stop the blockade. Let these people eat and work. Stop building homes where they don’t belong. Stop justifying occupation with rhetoric.

Tell Hamas to stop throwing rockets at Israel. Stop inciting like you don’t know what the reaction will be. We understand your anger. Blood and war won’t solve it.

How many times have you been here? How many more innocents on both sides need to die? Does anyone understand the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result? Insane.

Does the Israeli government want peace? No. Does Hamas. No. There’s power in this conflict for both. The only people who lose are the civilians.

Do people understand that there’s propaganda flowing on both sides? Neither side is innocent in this. Sadly the media coverage, particularly in the U.S. and UK seems to be siding with Israel as they often do. No one asks Israel why they feel the need to kill so many more than their counterparts in Hamas. The other day the numbers 109 Gazans dead vs 3 Israeli dead. Does that sound like overkill? Does anyone talk about that? No.

And the bus bomb today. Hamas acts like it wasn’t them but sympathizers. Okay, does anyone believe that?

I also love (not) that everything Hamas does is terrorism but everything Israel does is not. If you ever needed a clearer view of bias in the media, here it is. This all needs to stop. I’m sick of all the bullshit.

Though it means nothing, I am asking the people of both countries to demand peace now. Open borders, freedom, peace. It should be the definition of humanity. It is nowhere to be seen.

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