Guns. Why America? Why?

As we live through the disbelief of yet another school shooting in the US, I’m left asking the same questions


I live in Canada and I am continually amazed by Americans who think gun controls limit their freedoms. The only thing gun controls limit is the how many people you can kill and whether you can actually own a gun. If your idea of freedom is being able to take down a bull elephant with a single shot or by shooting it many times rapid-fire you are on the wrong continent friend.

Any moron can read the stats. Gun availability vs gun crime and death. Not a hard one. Except if you are completely stupid. Yes NRA, I am talking to you. And you will have to pry this keyboard from my cold, dead hands.

With the numbers of children killed today, how long will it be before the NRA decides the kids should have been armed to defend themselves. Oh yes, Michigan passed a bill yesterday that allows people to bring guns into schools. Working out well isn’t it?

Obama needs to step into this and give all the gun nuts a reason to hate him. This must end. Americans? Parents? where are you? Why aren’t you screaming about this? Are you afraid the NRA will get mad at you? I’d be more afraid of someone shoving this into my child’s face.

223 rifle

Anyone who believes this type of gun is needed for safety is a fool. If you own one, point it at your kids face and imagine pulling the trigger. DO IT!! How does it feel? So next time you vote. The next time you are at a rally. The next time you are in a conversation with anyone crying, boohoo, Obama’s coming for my guns ask yourself. Does this make sense? Point it at your child’s face. Not a good feeling is it? Imagine your child at school being mowed down. Cowering in fear as THAT gun is aimed their way. Watching their classmates being blown apart by THAT gun.

Now go call your state representatives and tell them it’s time.

It was time long before today. And now a bunch of kids are dead. Their families are going to have to grieve through Christmas. A bunch of other kids are going to have to deal with the trauma of watching their friends die. All because some asshole just had to have this gun. Some lawmaker felt that it’s all the Democrats fault. Well Republicans and Democrats, this blood is on your hands too. The blood of innocents.

Isn’t it time? Or do we need to see another news report in a few months that may have your kids picture in it? Are you willing to sacrifice your children for the right to own a gun that has no place in your home. God help us all if you do.

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