Sick of Being Angry


I am in a perpetual state of rage these days. I can’t help it. Everywhere I look is insanity.

Sandy Hook .223Hurricane Sandy

Anything with Sandy in the name seems destined for madness. Hurricane Sandy or Sandy Hook. Gun nuts out stocking up before that damn Muslim comes after their guns. Wow, seriously? I wish these people would look at the stats of EVERY DEVELOPED COUNTRY. They have GUN LAWS which SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE GUN CRIME AND DEATHS. This isn’t liberal media bullshit. This is fact. America is not some backwater but it is rapidly devolving into one. If the current batch of Republicans every get the triple majority, you can guarantee that the US will be a Christian nation. And we know what that means. They talk about freedom but it isn’t for all. And you just need to look around to see what not separating church from state means. If you look at the things these so-called Christians say, I am pretty sure Jesus must be throwing up his hands in despair. That they would take bills off the table for Sandy Relief or letting laws expire to prevent violence against women is simply stunning. Stunned. Stunted. Whatever.

HarperChief Theresa Spence

Up here in the Great White North of Canada, we have a Conservative Prime Minister who refuses to meet with our First Nations folk (for clarity, our various Indian (native) bands) in person to discuss serious issues. We have Chief Theresa Spence on hunger strike and still, Stephen Harper refuses to engage. You can read the wiki summary of the movement here. Our lovely right-wing government loves to pass omnibus bills to hide changes and limit debate. What is it about the right and talking democracy but acting dictatorial while accusing everyone who disagrees as undemocratic or un-Canadian.

While we’re ranting, why do Republicans act like reducing debt have much to do with job growth? Of course the debt is too high. But even Speaker Boehner said today that reducing debt would bring jobs home. That is bullshit. The reason jobs are offshore is because companies have been allowed to do so. That has nothing to do with debt and everything to do with salary cost. See, the corporations don’t want to pay Americans decent wages or give them good benefits. Why because why make $1 billion when you can make a $1 trillion? They don’t want to share the profits with the workers who got them there. The reason the middle class is disappearing is because companies don’t want to support it. Greed. This is the hallmark of capitalism and if you haven’t figured it out yet, THE EXPERIMENT HAS FAILED. MISERABLY. Capitalism works when everyone plays fair and the rules are there. Democrats and Republicans, but especially Republicans are at fault for letting these companies take the jobs away from Americans and giving them away. And this has had a ripple effect in other countries, like my own.


There are simply a stunning number of Americans, and even some Canadians, who believe that Liberals want and have a welfare state where everyone is out to steal your hard-earned money. Where we are all coming to take your guns so you can no longer defend yourself. Like it’s okay to want armed guards in schools. Like anyone believes that even if that were okay (and trust me, it is not how any child should grow up) and some crazy person came to the school that innocents would not get hurt because of ‘professional training’. Like the NRA wouldn’t just say that ‘less lives were lost’. And why do the folks on the right think Liberals just want to tax everyone to death?

I’m going to say something radical now. Wait for it.


It is the truth. I believe that health care for all is a right. I believe we must have a social safety net. I believe we need to do something about climate change and that it will cost money. And no government is not always the best at spending our cash wisely. We just need to make sure they do. Not by eliminating programs (unless they are no longer required or there is a better way) but by constantly working at streamlining. A little thing called continuous improvement.

And all you conservative supporters. I’d like to point out that it has been your conservative governments who have consistently spent without paying for the costs. Wars on credit. Is that really what you stand for?

And sorry, guns do kill people. because people have access to them. No one needs a semi nor a fully automatic weapon. Do you understand that the people who want you to own that gun are gun manufacturers? Because they make money. And with the potential for restrictions coming, they are making even more. And you nutty little gun lovers believe it is your right? You’ve been sold some swamp land folks. You are making the rich even richer and you are less and less safe every day. Get rid of guns, get rid of gun crime. Not completely but a helluva lot better than you have now.


And that leads into what the real issue is here. Fear. You’ve been convinced that there are terrorists around every corner. There aren’t. You been told that you need to arm yourself to prevent crime. In your homes. On your streets. In your schools. You don’t. You have been made afraid of everything except one very important thing. Your rights. Being taken away. Not to bear arms – yet another twisted view of the Constitution. You are willing to have your phones tapped by your own government. You are okay with citizens being shipped overseas. You are okay with indefinite detention when no trial has ever occurred. You are okay with taking away habeas corpus. With the right to a fair trial. You are afraid to try terrorists in a court of law because they might not be guilty and might go free. Fear.

What happened to being willing to die for your freedoms? Why is that not important? True democracy and not this bastardized and corrupt system where he who lobbies hardest (as in he who has the most money) wins. Why are you all so okay with all this. It makes me sick to see what you are all willing to sell out on. Oh no, not your fucking submachine guns but no problem limiting people’s ability to vote.


I am so sick of feeling this way. I feel like the nuts are winning. Backwards, uneducated people who cannot defend their side but unwilling to discuss and potentially change. I have my opinions but I know I am not always right. Convince me. But don’t call me names. Don’t call Obama Muslim when he isn’t. Don’t mock his citizenship, he’s one of you. Stop acting like we are all so different. We aren’t. But you’ve let yourself be convinced that being pig-headed is okay. That compromise is a dirty word and that the other guy is less American, less human because he disagrees. GROW UP. Act like fucking adults. Discuss, don’t name-call. Be open to another view. There is merit in the sides. The right has good ideas on controlling costs but has gone whole hog on removing the safety net. The left has great ideas on programs that cost money. Sometimes taxes go up so we can all live a better life. Let’s pay for what is important. But let’s keep it realistic. It really is not a bad thing.

Okay, I’m done.

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