The Daily Show Takes On Gun Control

Jon Stewart - The Daily Show

As you well know, I am a long time fan of Jon Stewart. And periodically he does a show that really hits home. And he does a nice review of the nuttiest of the nuts in this debate.

I wish he’d referenced statistics after playing the NRA guy’s clip where he saying video games are an issue. A simple look at the stats between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario say it all. Detroit – 333 gun murders. Windsor – 1 murder of any kind. Detroit has 4 times the population so you can see the disparity. Same movies. Same tv shows. Same video games. The only difference? Gun controls. These two cities are across the river from each other. The clearest example I can find.

So check out the show, the discussion, the insanity. And thanks to Jon for his endlessly reasonable look at things.

Watch from the US here.

Watch from elsewhere here.

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