The Daily Show Takes On Guns, Again

Stash of automatic weapons

I am at a complete loss at people who are freaking about gun controls. How can so many Americans think there is a need for automatic weapons and huge magazines. Aside from the madness of the thinking that more guns equals more safety, why is this so difficult to get on board with?

I will use my latest favourite example. USA vs Canada. Same movies. Same video games. Same tv shows.

The stats?

USA: 9 gun deaths per 100,000 citizens
Canada: 1 gun death per 100,000 citizens

This is not about rights or the Constitution (whose meaning has been twisted beyond all belief) but about people and safety. And sorry, the stats above don’t lie. The only lie is coming from those Americans who are kidding themselves. Believing that this is about them. It isn’t. It’s about money and power. Gun manufacturers and the NRA’s power to be specific. And they have WAY too much.

Last night (Jan 16, 2013) Jon Stewart and The Daily Show put on a clinic on the insanity. I implore you to watch, whatever side you are on.

In the US, catch the segments here.

Elsewhere, you can watch here.

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