A Woman’s Right

prochoice prolife

I have a wife and four daughters.

They are my life. Everything that I do in my life revolves around them. The choices I make affect them. And their choices affect me.

My kids are all 18 and over. We never, thankfully, had to deal with teen pregnancy. There are plenty of examples around us though. It happens a lot.

I can’t say I am a fan of abortion. I cannot imagination the excruciating decision it must be for someone to make that choice. That said, I cannot do anything but fully support a woman’s right to do so.

Sadly, so many on the political right and the religious right seem to think this decision is made with the cavalier abandon of which beer to drink or if I should go for a walk.

How dare you.

If you spend 5 minutes with a pregnant teen or any woman struggling with this decision, you would know it does not come easily to 99.9% of them. And the very, very few who seem to think abortion is a great method of birth control are obviously damaged in same way to feel that way. And still, that does not preclude their right.

The problem with the argument against abortion is that in trying to apply rights to a fetus that is not viable, you remove rights from the viable women dealing with it. Why is it that the woman who is pregnant is somehow less than human. Unable to make decisions that she feels are right. And who are you to make that decision for her?

For those against abortion, how outraged would you be if I, a 50-year-old man, came to you and told you that you must have an abortion. Would you be okay with that? Of course not. So why do you assume that mantle for the other side. Why do you get to choose for someone else?

The great thing about freedom is that it applies to all. That means women can choose if they want. Or not. So if you are against abortion, by all means, carry to term. No one should be able to tell you otherwise. But likewise, any woman who does not feel it is right, should be able to make that choice too. Neither of you should have anyone screaming in your ear that what you are doing is wrong.

If you are Christian, do you deny Jews the right to worship? Or Hindus? Or Mormons for that matter? No. Those rights are protected. So what’s the difference? Rights are rights. Each person in a free society has the right to choose. Women are no different.

So stand down this ridiculous exercise of rights denials. This is not some backwater, absolutist theocracy where you better conform. This is a free society with all kinds of people living their lives within the laws of the land. So let them. Their life is not yours to control any more than yours is to them. Stand down. And wake up to what freedom means. And it does not mean you are right and everyone else is wrong. You choose for you. Everyone else has their individual choice. Remember?

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