Heaven – Depeche Mode


If you haven’t heard, the new album Delta Machine, is due out March 26. Heaven will be released February 5th. These guys still know how to bring it!

Lyrics here, more below:
Sometimes I slide away
I slowly lose myself
Over and over

Take comfort in my skin
Surrender to my will
Forever and ever

I dissolve in trust
I will sing with joy
I will end up dust
I’m in heaven

I stand in golden rays
I burn a fire of love
Over and over

Reflecting endless light
I have embraced the flame
Forever and ever

I will scream a word
Jump into the void
I will guide the herd
Up to heaven

Now. It would be simple enough to take this in a purely religious context. And if you roll that way, go for it. It’s an easy path. I tend toward a similar but more global view of this. Love. That light that comes from having someone care about you so fully and endlessly is like a screaming bright sun. Enveloping you. Holding you. Home. And when you fell that, you want to go out and scream it from the rooftops. Thankfully most people don’t. But hey, you wanna, go for it! The pace of this song reminds me of lying in bed, lost for the day, sharing the moments and reveling in the peace that comes from souls entwined.

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3 Responses to Heaven – Depeche Mode

  1. Eric says:

    To me it’s about finding the peace and comfort in your own skin and mind; that there is much more than this life and body we currently inhabit. The song just flows with a gospel feel to it, especially the chorus. It’s a soulful and profound song. It think it’s some of Gore’s best work. They are an incredible band!!

    • larrylootsteen says:

      I totally agree with that flow and feel. One of the great bands without question. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it! Much appreciated!

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