Vox Informi – Indie Spotlight – Turrentine Jones

Turrentine Jones

Members: Julian Neville, Thomas Scotson, Rich Watts
Band home base city: Manchester

Birthplace of each member:
Julian: Waratah, Australia –
Thomas: Helsinki, Finland –
Rich: Wales

When was the band formed? 2010

How did you choose the name and what does it mean to you?
It’s a direct reference to Jazz Saxophonist Stanley Turrentine and a phrase out of Bob Dylan’s song ‘Ballad of a Thin Man’. Two musicians I grew up listening to as a young boy – Julian Neville

List of formal songs/albums/EPs (whatever you have):
Singles: Slam the Door, Candy Snake, Show Me Mercy, Electric Angel*, Della May (Released 22/02/2013)

About how many live gigs have the band done? 100ish

Methods of travel to get to gigs: Whatever we can get usually!
Where do you stay on the road?
Again, whatever we can get! Usually hotels or friends but have slept in vans and random people’s houses before
Favourite food dish of each member:
Julian: Filet Mignon with chanterelle sauce and wild rice avec a glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape
Thomas: Truffles in general
Rich: Chips

How do you describe your sound? Solid gold bar dropping onto a bed of diamonds

Best gig ever? Why? We played this tiny venue once in Manchester where we barely had room to play from it being too/so full. There was literally no room for anyone but everyone seemed to love being there
Worst gig ever? Why? There have been two gigs we travelled to but didn’t actually get to play in the end! They weren’t good.

For each of you (and if you are so inclined), do you play better or worse while drinking? A few drinks can relax and make you play better but a few more makes you too relaxed and sloppy. It’s always a battle when you’re waiting around for hours before a gig and want to have a drink but know you can’t get leathered.
For each of you (and if you are so inclined), do you write songs better or worse while drinking? Yes but only until the concentration goes completely
For each of you (and if you are so inclined), do you play better or worse while high? This one’s too hard to judge but probably worse – at least from the listener’s point of view!
For each of you (and if you are so inclined), do you write songs better or worse while high? So many ideas, such poor methods of recording them down!

For each, alcoholic beverage of choice (be brand specific)?
Julian: Whiskey and dry
Thomas: Sheppy’s Dabinett Apple Cider (scrumpy cider)
Rich: Any kind of beer

Each of you, favourite venue to see live music? If the acts are good enough it’s irrelevant where you are, well to an extent at least.

Each of you, when you were little, what did you want to be?
Julian: a car mechanic
Thomas: A lion
Rich: English

What songs, if any, have had radio play? Local only or beyond?
Candy Snake, Slam the Door and Show me Mercy have all received international airplay. Yet to see how “Della May” our new single does but expect it to go down pretty well.

Do any/all of you have formal music training at all? If so, where?
Thomas has a degree in music composition, and Grade 8 theory and stuff.
Julian learnt from five different musical teachers throughout his schooling years, all were forgotten.

Any gigs coming up you’d like to plug?
Manchester Academy 3 on 19th April is going to be a good one

What does the rest of 2013 hold for the band?
We’re currently recording our debut album hoping for it to be released at the end of the UK summer, performing around the North and London circuit a lot this year.

The new single Della May can be found here.

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