Amanda Palmer – Trust and Connection

I had a moment watching this. I couldn’t quite place it but it was very familiar as she discussed some things that most of us find foreign these days. She is discussing trust and people. Fairness. Connecting right down to the individual. I was lost trying to figure this out.

And then I realized. It was church. No, she isn’t talking about God. But everything she said I’d heard before. Everything she said had been said to me already. The difference being she was practicing this on what seems like a huge scale but still comes down to one thing. Each of us.

How true is all that. How messed up is our corporate world? Why should I pay $10 for something that is only worth $1 to me. Why should I not be able to pay $1 for something that is worth a million when it’s all I can afford? Why are so many artists acting like WE should be privileged to see them when the reality is that it is THEIR privilege to share their passion with us?

And that oh so foreign concept of trust. Seriously we live in a time where fear is sold as a commodity. How many people feel like terrorists are knocking at their door? Some people live with that very real fear. For those of us in the developed world, those incidents are few and far between but we act like there are radicals living in the bushes waiting to shoot us if we don’t shoot them first. Most of the time we just shoot each other. That is the real fear. Of ourselves. We don’t need to be armed to be free. We do need to be willing to die for those freedoms. Are you?

Trust and connection. No different from the words we’ve heard before. If you want to understand how unlike that you are today, Amanda has a message for you. THIS is how you do it. You walk through that fear and put yourself out there. You ask them to listen. You let them give what they can if they want. And you trust them to support you and you trust them not to hurt you. And you will be hurt at times. But more often than not the connection will be made.

Weird isn’t it. This isn’t about music or church or money. It’s living in this world together. We need to stop sucking so bad at doing this. I’ve had people ask why I use my name for this blog. Why I use my name when I post railing against the madness on some ultra-conservative website. Why I take the high road trying to engage people who I know are likely to not listen. It is about trust and connection. I want you to understand who I am, what I stand for. I want to connect with people, even if they disagree.

I know this blog is a mess of stuff. Politics and poetry. Music and religion. Band interviews and short stories. Everything I have ever read on blogging says ‘focus on one thing’. Well, sorry, that isn’t me. I am all over the map living a complicated life with family and issues and struggles and joys. So when I write, I want to connect. I have blog followers and I have Twitter followers. I recently passed 200 followers on Twitter. Laughable when I look around but amazing when I think I’m some guy in Canada who just likes to write about all sorts of stuff. I like to think I bring some passion to my words. And I always hope it connects. My name is on it so you know who I am. Not some faceless, nameless shell who is scared to let you in. I am me. Like it or hate it, I’m okay with that. And I want to hear from you. No matter how you feel. Because I trust that what you believe is also honestly come by. And agree or disagree, I’m happy to connect.

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