Do You Think You Know How Rich The Rich Are?

If you think you understand the disparity between the rich and the working class and the poor, you are sadly mistaken. Watch this video and judge for yourself.

So. Does this make you angry? It should.

I know from personal experience, as do most of you, that there is a no upward movement at all anymore. What little raises most of us get are in the range of 1-2% at best. And most of us don’t get regular raises at all.

We fall farther and farther behind. We work longer and longer. We live in constant fear of losing our jobs. We save little or nothing. And somehow we remain thankful for what we do have. Why?

What aren’t we angrier? Why aren’t we screaming at the top of our fucking lungs????

We are a distracted and fearful lot. Just like they want. We are controlled and cajoled and pushed. No one cares about us. They care about the bottom line. Interesting isn’t it? Stock market climbs to record highs while the economy sputters. CEOs make millions. We get nothing. Does this make sense.

I wonder if we are so distracted by fucking ice road truckers, pawn shop kings and storage wars that we don’t notice we can’t go out for dinner. Consuming the shit and drivel duck dynasties, ghost hunters and whatever honey booboo fucking nonsense that does nothing to keep our brains active.

We are being ABUSED. Do you not understand this. Wake the fuck up people. Speak up, speak out!!! Don’t listen to the Occupy haters. Join them. Start voting smart not the same ’cause I always have’. We can only shake the system by making change happen. Don’t believe any politician, money talker or even media. LOOK AROUND. Lies are everywhere. This isn’t a left or right issue. It’s a people issue. Why don’t you care.


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