If I Was Gay


If I was gay
Would I be less of a person
Less of a man, father
Less than human?

If I was gay
Would you treat me like garbage
Call me inhuman
Think I’m an abomination?

If I was gay
Would I not be capable of love
Not able to pray
Be one with the Lord?

If I was gay
Could I not help the poor
Work with children in schools
Coach sports at a public field?

If I was gay
Would you ridicule me
As religions often do
Call me names like queer?

If I was gay
And open to loving
Open to relationships
Deserving of marriage?

If I was gay
Would you run me out-of-town
Throw rocks through my window
Beat me to a pulp?

If I was gay
Could I not be contributing
To the betterment of society
And all that it means?

If I was gay
Does equal not apply
Is your version of love
The only one that’s right?

And if you were gay
I’d shake your hand
Welcome you warmly
And know that your human

I would not sit and worry
That you were going to convert me
Like either of us
Has a choice how we love

There’d be no question
Your worth in this life
You’re just another person
I may or may not like

I will evaluate you on who you are
Not how you love
Just and not just
Another person I meet in this life

So to all of those with a religion of hate
That includes you Christians so you know
Jesus loved ALL as you may recall
So don’t act like you know better

And that rainbow symbol, to me
Is not simply for the LGBT
The stripes are all colours and creeds
Of people like you and me


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