Grand River Hospital – Stop The Bleeding

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Grand River Mental Health

As my family has had direct exposure to the staff and facilities at Grand River Hospital’s mental health care, I have been distressed and disturbed by the recent changes going on there. You may recall this article written about my daughter Melissa.

I am asking all of you to read the following and click the link at the bottom to sign the petition urging the hospital to stop this. I am sure we all know someone affected by mental illness. On behalf of my family, I thank you for taking the time. Here’s the basics:

“The Mental Health treatment services are essentially being dropped for children and adolescents in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. The only treatment provided will be “urgent”, where a patient will receive a mere three sessions then be referred to community resources. Community services are often provided by less-trained and less-experienced staff. They often involve sliding-scale payment, long…

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1 Response to Grand River Hospital – Stop The Bleeding

  1. Kaitlyn-Marie says:

    I agree… I’ve been through hell at the hospital. No one there even did anything! I’ve had multiple attempts at suicide and they sent me to “outpatient”. Why?! There’s just not enough people in this world that care! There’s not enough support out there! It’s disgusting!!

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