New U2, When?

U2 NYC 2013

We all know it’s coming. We’ve heard the reports, seen the pictures. Big name listening sessions. Deleted Tweets. It is all but here. Finally.

We should be seeing a single soon. Given they will want the album out this year with an expected tour starting in 2014, there is little doubt.

And we have traditionally seen with the bigger bands a 3 month time-lag from first single to album release. Nine Inch Nails just released their new single and the album is out in September. We can all do the math. So what does this mean?

We are anywhere from 4-10 weeks from a U2 single. I am leaning towards an October release (come on, get the irony!!!) which would mean a July single. if so, expect a summer rocker, party single, driving-type song. August would be the latest for a November album.

I am wondering if U2 will continue on the traditional road or if they will embrace the new world and start being nice to their fans. What about the first single being free? I have zero faith in the band when it comes to money. That said, it would be a grand gesture and generate buzz and media attention.

And I also wonder if this will be their last album. Again, doubtful but I would love to see them go the ‘more frequent single’ approach and really explore possibilities without the deliver-an-album pressures. A guy can hope they would lead the way can’t he?

As much as I fear what is coming on this album, I also trust these guys are going to deliver. Danger Mouse is no slouch so we might see some doors opening to a new direction, resurgence. whether the world listens remains to be seen. U2 has nothing left to prove except to themselves. We can while and complain and hope and pray but we are not owed anything. They most certainly could lead if they so chose. The questions? they will all be answered soon.


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2 Responses to New U2, When?

  1. Nathan says:

    Thanks for continuing the discussion on this! I anticipate that U2 will tie in some new ways of distributing content and music, such as through an iphone/ipad app. The possibilities are endless and could include streaming concerts (audio/video/photos), remixing songs within the app, etc. Maybe the album will be an app. Have any other bands experimented in this way? Of course, in this day in age, most bands have to sell more than just music to make money.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      The possibilities ARE endless. The question is whether U2 will innovate and lead or just continue in a similar vein. They can afford not to do much. The question for me is whether they want show the way forward! Thanks for your thoughts here! Greatly appreciated!

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