World Press II (Instrumental) – Possible New U2

Well, this is intriguing. Hot on the heels of what looked a highly unlikely leak of the album name and track listing We have an apparent leak of an instrumental version of the song World Press II (and if you are like me, what the hell was World Press I?).

I have no idea if the information is real or if the music is real. It sounds like U2 and it sounds new to me. If anyone can show cause for where this is from, feel free to share. If not real, well good fun I suppose. Time is drawing close so we may well have our first new sounds.

Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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3 Responses to World Press II (Instrumental) – Possible New U2

  1. better sound on this version

  2. No Line On The Horizon had a massive leak. On the label’s Australian site, the tracks were up intended to just hear snippets, about 15 seconds worth. Instead whoever was in charge put the entire songs off the album.. I had received it about three weeks earlier than it’s release… Sometimes I think leaks are purposely done to create a buzz.. This does sound U2 but it’s a instrumental demo track.. lots of those out there… also, North Star was studio recorded for the Transformer movie but never made the soundtrack, but there is about one minute of it in the movie… last year, there were two new songs to hit the internet also…look forward to the new album, however with NS and EBW I pray this is not a sleeper, they need an all out stripped down rocker..

  3. Stephen McDermott says:

    Yeah, that does sound like Edge playing but who knows? Is there or would there be any official response from the band?

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