Do You Feel Screwed?


Or do you feel like we screwed-up?

Where we sit as a race feels more and more like a precipice than a road. Subjugated by the powers that be. Slaves to money. Fame. And dealing in stupidity.

“Half-human monster reveals itself. Like the car of your dreams becomes the crash of your life.”

I wish I could remember where I read this. That experience no longer matters. That we value morons over smart, educated realists.

Oh yeah, Craig Ferguson. That’s what it was. Check this out. Yeah, that late night guy. We sometimes forget that many comedians are well-educated and far smarter than we give them credit for…

His rant has really stuck with me. It makes me feel like I am to blame in so many ways.

We accept so much in part because we feel powerless. That as much as this all isn’t working, that my tiny voice can’t be heard above the din. And in that, I let myself accept that I am not important. Do you feel that way?

“In the hills of shame. Dealers play the blame game.”

It is so hard NOT to throw your hands up in exasperation. To ask yourself ‘Why bother’? Live life as best you can within the limits set by others. There is no upward mobility. There is no more windows of improvement. For most of the next generation they will be lucky to maintain the socio-economic levels their parents have achieved. For many, downward is the likely direction.

“The winner is a chronic assoholic. Do I know you?”

If you are like me at all you spend your time wavering between futility, anger, angst and apoplexy. You look around at these sick and twisted greed-monger politicians, the ‘suck us all dry’ mentality of corporations and their CEOs and the vapid dingoes (apologies to real dingoes) we call ‘the famous’ and all you can do is scream “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU????????”.

“Who’s deciding? Now or never.”

I feel unstable. I feel panicked. I feel woozy from the stress. I turn my head and my vision lags behind and takes a second or two to catch up. What are we doing? What are we leaving behind? What are we passing forward? A garbage heap. Third-world hoarders in first-world borders. Stacks of smoke and tubes of oil. Wisdom ignored. Violence adored. A cannibal society feasting on its own. The world, she cries. We don’t want to know or hear.

“The animals agenda. Sonic defender.”

We watch as responsibility becomes a bad thing. Social responsibility? Those bastards living on government assistance. Lazy pricks gaming the system. Never mind there’s no opportunity. Pull up your boot straps and work. Yeah. We are one system collapse away from anarchy. Will we ever wake up and smell the toxins?

“Three blue suits argue. The button to push you.”

Who do you believe? Are you a conservative? A liberal? A social democrat? A tea-party activist? A neocon? A green-partier? A communist? A socialist? A Catholic? An agnostic? A Jew? A Muslim? A Mormon? A Christian? A Buddhist? An atheist? Labels. They do wonders. They divide us into groups and slap us around because we don’t agree. WE ARE NONE OF THESE THINGS. We are HUMANs. We are supposed to be the superior species. Top of the food chain. While our population swells beyond the capabilities of this planet and we pollute it to the point where starvation and pandemics will surely be the new norm, what are we doing about? We’re consuming. We’re watching people buy contents in storage. We’re watching overweight families act like idiots and we’re okay with that.

“The best-laid plans. Distorted by the deaf-like Assoholic. Do I know you?”

There was a time when I felt like public officials and companies were on our side. There was loyalty. There was progress. It mattered what you or I had going on in life. We were living as a society. We are now living for ourselves. Isolated. Cheap anger in online forums. Like me here. It’s easy to rant online. Could you do it to someone’s face? I could. Could you? None of us would ever be nearly as nasty face-to-face. That’s an issue. We are put down, lied to. We are robbed by governments and corporations. We are spied on at work, at home, in transit. Why are we okay with that? I’m not.

“You want to play me backwards. A bad idea whose time is now. Assoholic.”

We get this endless look back. Simpler times. Simpler life. Some truth. Some not. Was life any easier in the 50’s? In some ways, yes. In other’s no. We can’t compare the past because so much changes. The constants of humanity don’t change. Love. Care for each other. Support. The only thing that changes there is how well we do those things. In North America it’s easy to accept war because we don’t participate. And yet somewhere inside you know if war came to our soil our reactions would be very different.

Navel-gazing – the sport of focus on ourselves. We do it so well. And yet we feel like crap so much of the time. You want to feel good? Do something for someone else. ANYTHING. Notice how that makes you feel AND how it makes them feel. No strings. Free. Just do something. Buy a coffee. Deliver a meal. Share a kind word. Spend some time with someone who’s alone. Make a phone call. Check in on someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Make an effort. Start small. Pick up some litter. Whatever. Better someone else’s life. Better society for a change. And then share your experience. Bring a friend. A moment can become a movement. You might feel real joy again. Laugh. Enjoy. Break bread. And most of all? STOP. Look around. Be aware. See things as they are. Recognize your preferences, your prejudices, your lies to yourself. Who are you? Who do you want to be. Stop asking WHAT you want to be. Your job, your things, your money are not who YOU are.

So. Do you feel screwed or do you feel screwed-up? Are you happy? Are you loved? Do you love? Do you care? Do you share? Who are you and who do you want to be?

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