Is This U2’s Blowout Goodbye?


By all recent comments we’ve seen from Bono and others, it looks like the new U2 album will not appear until 2014. With the band setting records for their longest time between releases, and given their ever-increasing ages, it begs the question I keep asking. Is this the end?

Let’s face it. Relevance is something that seems to matter a great deal to Bono if not the entire band. The world in which U2 matters is shrinking. By the end of a probable 3 year tour schedule to follow, we have four men passing their mid-50’s.

Go out on top is a philosophy that I would think appeals to the band. A hopeful album of the year Grammy. A more flexible, more fun tour where they can play and be creative. A final concert in Dublin at the end to announce their demise.

I know some of you think that, like the Stones, U2 should go on forever. I have made no bones about wanting them to show some class and walk away in some sort of prime. Bono has his philanthropy. Larry has his burgeoning acting career. Adam has a new marriage. Edge is well, Edge. Maybe he will work with other bands or grow Music Rising or whatever. The point is they all have other things which contributes to the gaps between records. Maybe they’re putting a ribbon on their magnificent career.

I for one, would love them to do it this way.

Flame away fans!! Tell me why I’m wrong…


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4 Responses to Is This U2’s Blowout Goodbye?

  1. Gail F in Massachusetts says:

    Don’t worry. U2 is not going away. They just need a nice long break. Remember, sometimes they can take 4 to 5 years between new albums and tours.

  2. Steve says:

    I have long wanted U2 to stop touring for so long and start focusing on studio albums – as many as possible before one dies and the band is no more. As they age, the tours are going to become a Rolling Stones joke, but their studio albums are still relevant…if they do not tour, they could pump out a new album ever two to three years. It’s time to go the way of the Beatles ala 1966 and stop touring and focus on song writing.

  3. Catherine says:

    Honestly I wish you are wrong, I hope U2 is going to do music for ever (or at least until I die). I’ve been growing up listening to U2; I was born at the time of Achtung Baby and became aware of the band through my father when I was about 8 or 9. I consider that I’m not fully grown up yet so I wish U2 could go on accompanying me along the way. I don’t have the feeling that their albums get worse with the years; they are just different but still appealing to me. Of course, it would be honourable of them to say goodbye at their peak (and again one could argue whether they’re still at their peak or not, to me they always are but I know I don’t have your objectivity) but why stop if one still is fit and still has enough inspiration to write songs? You speak of the Stones and I have to admit that I admire them. My father is a diehard fan and was honestly impressed by the quality of their concert and Jagger’s fitness in Glastonbury last June (he is more objective than me because he can admit when an album or a concert of the Stones is crap). So I hope U2 can follow their path and go on with doing their music!

  4. Skillet says:

    While a small part of me thinks you may be right, I just don’t see it. Whether or not they are relative might have mattered years ago, but not now. They are successful beyond any of their dreams. Their names demand respect in the music world. I think they continue to make music for themselves and the life long U2 fans. It is after all, what they do.

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