A Woman’s Manifesto

I will stop putting myself down. I am a good person, a beautiful person and I deserve every happiness.

I will stop dating guys because I am afraid to be alone.

I will understand that just because a guy likes me doesn’t mean he is the right guy for me.

I will start believing that the right guy will come along. He will be smart. He will be employed. He will not need saving.

I will stop believing I can change damaged men. I will stop accepting damaged men into my life.

I will start working on who I am and stop worrying about everyone else’s issues.

I will stop paying for guys stuff. I will understand that I am not being generous by doing so. I am buying their affection and it is wrong. Unemployed/under-employed men are not a ‘catch’ no matter how nice they seem.

I am a princess and should be treated as such.

I will stop hanging onto the past. Past mistakes. Past relationships. I will move forward having learned something.

I will understand that alcohol might make me feel better for a little while but it leads to more mistakes and bad choices. I will learn to drink less and be in control more.

I am strong. Sometimes I forget that.

I will understand that when the people who love me most, my family, tells me I’m doing something wrong, I will listen. I will take that information and my gut to learn what’s right.

I will listen to that voice telling me to stop. It is always right. I will believe it and act accordingly.

I will stop hanging around people who are damaged. They are not my friends. They care about only themselves and they hurt me.

I will work on believing that I am my best friend. I love me because I am worthy.

I will understand that facts are facts. I can lie to myself and others but it doesn’t change the truth. I cannot run from the truth.

I will understand that sex is not love. Sex is not a soother. Guys who want sex do not love me. Sex without love hurts me and others.

I will believe that real love is something I deserve. Something worth waiting for. Something I have not found yet. Something I will find.

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