My History With Humble and Fred

The Humble and The Fred

It started a long time ago. A lifetime ago it seems. Yea verily in the year of our Lord one-thousand, nine hundred and eighty-nine in the land of what we now call Toronto. A small foraging creature from out west arrived at the Edge 102 studios to start a new morning show. He wenteth by the name ‘Humble’. Humble Howard Glassman, woodland Jew that he was, was saddled to sports nut and caster and trailer park lover Frederick Patterson. Fred, or rather, Freddie P as the moniker goes, soon became a show partner.

The generous and loving Humble soon came to be enamoured with Fred and gave him countless names including Freddie Peepee, Poopie and Frederick J Droopy Bag (though that last one I may have made up).

My relationship with them (oh stop that you dirty, dirty birds) started early on when they would invite listeners down to watch the show. Soon the 3 or 4 listeners, including myself screaming and clapping to give the appearance of a small horde who dared, became regulars. I was blessed with opportunity to tour their studios upstairs. A regular call in annoyance as well – their producer would routinely hang up on me, a staunch and long-standing pseudo-friendship was formed.

Over the decades I have accumulated some paraphernalia, which I just discovered in a box I had stored. I could not resist sharing a few gems.

An original Humble&Fred Edge 102 stock share. Of countless value, in my mind, I treasure this one most.

H&F Edge Share

Lucky me and friends visit the boys (I’m the idiot on the left)!!


And of course what could be cooler than beer and condoms?

H&F Beer

H&F Condom

H&F Durex Condom

As years went by, so did the Edge for our sturdy heroes! Off to Mix I say!!

H&F Mix Share

And why waste time? Onward Humble soldiers – to Mojo, to Mojo!!

H&F Mojo Share

H&F Mojo Share Letter

Of course these days, our intrepid entrepreneurs (say that a few times whilst smoking blue meth) have launched into cyber-space, trading in their airwaves for tubes. You check their podcast out through their website or from iTunes or other fine stores carrying digital madness!

Humble and Fred

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