What Does U2’s Ordinary Love Tell Us About The New Album?

U2 Bray Cover Shoot

Amazingly little. But let’s think a bit.

You can hear part of the track here. When the song hits YouTube Oct 30th, I’ll update this.

The song has one of those classic U2 ballad sounds I think, from what I can hear. Swelling tunes with a choral chorus! So does that mean we are getting more of the same from U2?

I have a feeling this may end up a b-side or lone release single. Given the purpose – a very specific soundtrack setting a very specific mood and tone – I have to believe this was done outside of the current incarnation of the album.

That said, it also adds another bit of information. Despite a change in producers, or maybe that should be an addition to a litany of producers in the last five years, U2 is still U2 at the end of the day. This album coming is going to be very U2. The question is how far from the centre line that defines their sound, will they go? I’m guessing on at least two tracks that will mean some real risks. I’m also thinking we might get some stripped down, clean, bare songs.

And since I am in wish list mode, I really hope for a couple of angry, kick-ass, modern, War-like tracks. Blowout punk rock blasts. Not holding my breath there though. Something that will kill on tour. I can dream. So there!!

Any thoughts out there?

Other interesting items of late:
A recent photo/video shoot in Ireland (Bray) here – given that you can JUST hear Desire, it might be for the Rattle and Hum anniversary rather than the new album.

Another pic:

U2 Bray 1

And another video:

Thanks AtU2 and Alex Schweigert for some info, pics and video!!

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