Dear Ford Nation – Why?


I am not going to insult the mayor of Toronto here. He is not my favourite politician. Not everything he’s done is bad, to be fair. I don’t agree with him on a lot of things policy-wise but controlling spending is not a bad thing.

That said, who I really don’t understand is the members of Ford Nation who seem determined to support him no matter what he does.

I get the appeal of the everyman in Ford. He’s not model good-looking. He talks like a lot of people who look at life quite simply. He makes lots of mistakes and sometimes admits it.

What confuses me is you.

I make no bones about my liberal leanings. That said I have voted Conservative on multiple occasions and all levels of government at different periods depending on the policies of the day. I have also voted NDP. I take my politics seriously at all levels, including municipal.

Let’s say Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister. And let’s say he did heroin while in office. Would I blindly support him? HELL NO. Kick his ass out if he wouldn’t do it himself.

I think what’s lost amongst the personalities and failings is the fact that Rob Ford’s job as mayor is incredibly important. As the face of Toronto, it is critical that he presents himself in the best possible light as the most public spokesman. And when that image gets tarnished, especially as badly as it has now, it is time to step aside and do what is right for the city of Toronto.

Would you be able to keep your job if you got caught smoking crack at work? And the mayor’s job is 24×7 so don’t pull the ‘he wasn’t in the office’ argument.

So my question to Ford nation is this.


Why do you continue to support a man who is damaging your city’s reputation? Why do you support a man whose continual sideshow moments make it impossible to get the work of running the city done? And despite his pleas to get back to work, HE’s the reason no one can.

If any of you have looked at the GOP, the Tea Party and some pretty wacko conservatives south of the border and said ‘Wow, those people are nuts’, you now need to look in the mirror and ask yourself that question. Why? Because your blind support for madness IS EXACTLY THE SAME THING!!!

So, Ford Nation, explain it please. I am serious. By all views of this locally, nationally and internationally, it has become a circus. A circus damaging the city on every level. So why do you still blindly support this man who is costing the city in every conceivable way? I really want to know.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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