Don’t Buy The Bullshit


I sit and wonder
Ponder and plod
Through the scum and filth
Of the daily view
That life brings

There is nothing real
In what we see
Just lies and misdirection
In attempts to distract
And confuse everything

We see it every day
In politics and tv
Religion and news and sites
So you have to spend time
Just to find some sense

I may be a liberal at heart
But my truth doesn’t dictate my party
I don’t accept anything on its face
Because there is gray
In every thing we consume

Fox and Sun News
The Times and Wall Street Journal
The Star, the Globe, Citizen and Sun
The parties of all stripes
Vying for your time and mind

None of this has anything to do with truth
None of this has anything to do with life
Nothing to do with you and me
There’s only one thing in their pursuit
The dollar, the yen, the pound and the peso
The euro, the afghani, the dram and the florin
The dinar, the rupee, the real and the franc
The guilder, the krone, the lari and the cedi
A shekel or a shilling, a yuan or a rand
Meaningless coins and paper
Designed for control
In your best interest?
I hardly think so

Some laugh when I say that money is evil
Inanimate objects can’t harm you they say
The application of said object
With a cold, calculated gall
Can hobble you

Our first world problems don’t measure up
When we look globally at funds
And third world problems apply
When we look in those dark corners
Of our own cities and towns

Divisions are there for a purpose
Control of the whole by the few
Distractions of celebrity bright lights
Leave us all in an information fugue
Blinded to what’s going on

And no one will listen to this rant
Who doesn’t already know
And those who really need to listen
Are busy with gossiping foodies
And contrived media scandals

Why do people vote for haters?
Why do people who claim to love Jesus
Shun those they don’t agree with?
Why does skin tone and love
Generate such loathing?

Is it education or exposure?
Is it upbringing or social?
The answer is yes to all that
And the lazy way we get information
Makes us less human somehow

So though no one will do this
Still needs to be said
Get your heads out your asses
And try to learn some truth
Don’t believe anyone, even me

Do the work, read the books
Search online beyond your own staid beliefs
Ask questions and don’t stop
Until you have all sides there
And then keep asking

The truth is there
If only you’d see
And nothing anyone is telling you
Should convince you individually
Don’t buy the bullshit


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