Are U2 and Beats Ready To Storm The World?

U2Beats Music

There’s a whole lot going in the U2 camp right now.  There’s a new song coming soon.  A new album in April and a world tour to follow.  They are doing something in Santa Monica which, by all rumoured accounts, is something specific to the Super Bowl.

Beats by Dr. Dre is also very busy. They are getting ready to launch their new streaming music service on January 21st. And what better coup could there be then to capture U2’s market for launch?

Part of the rumour surrounding the Santa Monica, Barker Hangar goings on is that Beats is part of this Super Bowl ad they seem to be filming.

It all makes sense when you think about it. U2’s long-time association with Jimmy Iovine and Universal, is the math all that hard?

Add in the possibility that Beats will be U2’s tour sponsor this time around, this sounds like a slam dunk.

We will know soon. I doubt there’ll be any news around Beats launch on the 21st. Be prepared for what will come with the Super Bowl ad that is expected during the game on February 2nd.. And knowing U2, there will be a flood of stuff flowing before the album drop and tour start.

Super Bowl 2014

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