How To See U2’s Invisible During The Super Bowl

U2 Golden Globe

The commercial and song are now available. Click through the links here.

If you are Canadian or live anywhere other than the U.S. you know the frustration of not being able to see those multi-million dollar ads that are shown every year during the Super Bowl. There’s a solution!

YouTube has a channel called AdBlitz that shows the commercials in real-time during the game. So you’ll get to see those insane Budweiser, Pepsi and Doritos ads you always crave.

Red Invisible

Oh, and also a little thing called Invisible. U2’s new song support Product (Red). I’m SURE that was at the top of your list!

Catch them all here. Make sure you bookmark it for Sunday!

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6 Responses to How To See U2’s Invisible During The Super Bowl

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  5. JustJenn says:

    YES!!! THANK YOU!!!

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