I Wrote God A Letter


I wrote God a letter today
I asked him to save me stress
Make my travels easy
And my day to be blessed
He replied with the actions
Of a traffic jam
And yet another project
And I thanked Him for my trials


I prayed with gusto
And heartfelt joy
And asked of God
To save my mother
From suffering and pain
To come back to me as she was
His response was no change
And I thanked Him for my tribulations


I worshipped at my church
With the gathered faithful
Singing songs of praise
And asking forgiveness
For all the sins within
So I could be joyous once again
But guilt it still consumes me
And I thanked Him for His counsel


I won the lottery today
A massive million clams
I was so happy I can tell
I thanked God for His bounty
And wept upon the ground
I could travel and relax
And help so many out


I have to wonder
And I always question
Why God can be so cruel
So heartless and inconsistent
Does He really choose each moment
Or are we actually on our own?
Left to our own devices

Why would any being of power
Bother with day-to-day drivel?
And do we really think that He would
Cause suffering and pain?
Are we really just living
And giving Him all the credit?
And giving Him all the blame?
For our own choices and decisions?

I wonder.


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