So, When I Was 12


My life as a music addict was just beginning. I had a brother 10 years older who was big into the 60’s psychedelia. Bonus was his reel-to-reel stereo system. My sisters were into rock and pop, mostly mainstream at that time – Elvis, Beatles. I had grown up listening to my parents love of movie musicals – everything from Doris Day to Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. My mother also loved country music and we watched shows like Hee Haw with Buck Owens.

Suffice it to say I was exposed to a lot of different genres.

I grew up in Toronto. I had a good, middle class life. And back when we didn’t worry so much about safety, I would get all over the place from our east end home in Scarborough (a suburb of Toronto).

1050 CHUM

CHUM was the radio station back then. 1050 CHUM AM was the top 40 station of the day, with Jay Nelson at the helm of the morning show. Their FM sister station was 104.5 CHUM FM and it was the more eclectic and dangerous player of entire album sides and deeper tracks. Dave Marsden, who went on to help create 102.1 CFNY (now known as Edge 102), worked there around this time.

Sam The Record Man

Sam The Record Man was a mainstay anchor of downtown Toronto. The huge neon sign and the endless array of vinyl from all over the world made it a must visit for anyone who loved music. I spent hours there every summer. And one of the great things about Sam’s was that they always had the CHUM Chart (their top 30 singles and top 15 albums) on the counter you could grab.

We’ve been going through all our stuff in preparation for selling our house. And I ran across this little gem in my travels. I thought you might enjoy a brief glimpse back into October 12, 1974. Brought back a LOT of memories for me. Enjoy!  Click on the image to enlarge.

CHUM Chart 1974 Side 1_0001

CHUM Chart 1974 Side 2_0001

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