Was ‘No Line On The Horizon’ Prophesy?

U2 Prophesy

I’m sure, like any U2 fan, you are sick of this. We just passed the 5 year mark since No Line On The Horizon was released. And we may hit the 6 year mark before all is said and done. Or more. So was U2 warning us with that last release that the next one was going to be a problem?

No Line On The Horizon

So what does this all mean? Was the title of the last album a warning? Did they know they would be taking this long? A U2 prophesy!

We have some U2 fans literally dying for a new release. People are annoyed and frustrated.

This speaks to one of two possibilities.

No Mojo

The first one. The one most likely to annoy hard-core fans. The one that seems most unlikely but may not be is whether the band feels they have lost their touch. Is the mojo gone? Has God stopped walking through the room?

U2 Oscars

Some of you may scream “But, but, but, the Grammies. The Oscar nom”. Frankly both those songs, while very good, were truly nothing new in the creativity department. Feel free to scream at me for saying that. I felt both songs were standard. Now for most bands, that would be considered exceptional. Where U2 is concerned, there’s always the expectation of ‘more’. Even from themselves.

U2 The End

And what that leads to is the possibility I’ve been discussing for a couple of years now. That the band has decided that this is it. Last album. Last tour. And walk away. And the goal here being a final number one album and leave on top. Now given Bono’s ramblings, the final album may be two very different albums with the second one coming mid-tour – a la Achtung Baby/Zooropa, but that does not preclude the goal.

The boys are not getting any younger. Recording two first class exit albums and a three year world farewell tour will put them at their late 50’s. A 2017-2018 finish would land Bono at 57-58 years old. These guys may be of the ‘tour until you die’ set but I don’t really think so. I think leaving a lasting legacy is important to them and not being a laughable band with a Steel Wheelchair tour in mind just does not apply.

Time marches on. I really think this will be it. I understand the want of perfection for them. They have to be careful that people have not already moved on by the time they launch.  I mean really, there HAS to be a line on this horizon.


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