Name The New U2 Album Game

The Name Game

So while the endless wait for the U2 album or albums to arrive continues, let’s play a game.

As I have stated endless times, I believe this will be the last release(s) for U2 and the last tour. After all they are getting old and I think they’d love to leave on top. Except Bono! He thinks he’s Mick Jagger!

Anyway, let’s work on the assumption that there will be a final album released in the next two years.

Let’s see what that should be called!

I want your guesses, both serious and funny, angry and philosophical. I will provide a few examples and then it’s your turn to buzz in and play!

Possible “Last” U2 album names:

The Cross

Bono Cross

Line On The Horizon

U2 Line

Stick A Fork in It

U2 done

Meeting My Maker

U2 Maker

Bigger Than The Beatles

U2 Abbey Road

Okay, folks and fans, lovers and haters, your turn.  Give it all you got!!

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3 Responses to Name The New U2 Album Game

  1. I’m going for ‘dot U2’ – which will also be a new filetype that’ll be part of their new media innovations. 🙂

  2. larrylootsteen says:

    Essence and Tempany are my favourite choices there! Thx for sharing!

  3. Matter
    The Long Road To Tempany

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