The Silencing of Science

silence science

I guess you could call me a nerd. I do wear glasses. Tape is lacking though, at least for today. I have no pocket protector. There’s no calculator in my pocket…well there is one on my phone.

There are days I feel like a stranger in a strange land. I grew up with heroes like John Glenn and Carl Sagan. And I had musical heroes too. And sports heroes. I didn’t celebrate the stupid people. No one did. People who did stupid things were, well, stupid.

Education was important. Yes, we all hated school at times but we knew we had to do it. We wanted a good job and a future. Government cuts to education have taken the potential out of our schools. This is not teachers fault. The media and the government love to focus on the few bad teachers instead of praising and promoting the best and brightest. All you ever hear about is the ‘luxury’ of summers off and the occasional teacher sleeping with a student. Why is creation being touted as science when it is anything but? And why are you okay with that? Why do you think Christian teachings have anything to do with school let alone ALL the public?

Turn on your tv these days and what do you see? News? Hardly. Infotainment is the buzzword for what news has become. Stylized bullshit. They don’t have journalists telling stories. They have on-air reporters showing you sensations. A Bieber story would clobber anything related to climate change.

President Obama has been slammed for his intellect, being called an ‘elite’ for having an education. In Canada, Prime Minister Harper has closed labs and ridiculed the need for, and the need to, have that kind of data. Meanwhile his government extracts Facebook data, openly admitting they use the data to ‘see how government programmes are being received’ but don’t bother sharing that with the other elected parties nor with the public who elected them. They also eliminated the long-form census as ‘unnecessary’ even though that data is critical to making informed programme decisions.

When did data become a bad word?

Question everything

As we watch science get further and further ignored. As we watch real information get pushed away in favour of partisan buzzwords. As we watch our education levels drop. Let me ask you this:

How does that tv you are watching work? Did magic make that happen? God perhaps?

How does your cell phone work? Can you fix it if it breaks?

In Texas and California, what is causing the massive drought?

Why does all the Arctic and Greenland ice appear to be melting at alarming rates? Check out this discussion on Antarctic ice melt and the repercussions coming for the generations that follow.

Why are the storms we see today seem to be bigger and stranger than any we’ve seen before? And why so many more of them?

How are we going to solve these problems and many others? By hoping? Praying? Leaving it to government even though you don’t believe in government.


We already know the answers to those I asked above. And that we humans are destroying this planet we live on is already known. That we don’t have resources to support the population of this planet indefinitely is known. That spouting endless streams of dirty smoke into the air and dumping millions of gallons of chemical waste into waterways is not good for people, cities, agriculture, oceans, fish, animals is known.

Why don’t you care?

Ignorance is not a luxury we have time for. I wonder why you are okay leaving your children and grandchildren and their children a planet that we are killing and quite likely a life that will be hell in many ways. Is it too hard? Are we not smart enough to address this? Do you just not care?

Do you think if we educated our children really well that, perhaps, together, they might have a chance, using science to come up with solutions instead of wishing the problem away? Is it possible that being smart should be celebrated instead of ridiculed? Is there a chance that promoting science instead watching duck hunters, bounty hunters and the stupid ways people die might be a better use of our time?

Pay attention

So why not start looking at the world. The whole world. And people. ALL the people. And start asking questions. Look around. See what’s going on. Use the web but be careful as there is as much bullshit on their as there is truth. Question everything. And where does that idea come to play? Oh yeah, science! The most basic fundamental of science is questioning everything. Even when they discover something, keep questioning it.

Unlike our politics today and our religious views where everything is black or white, I’m right, you’re wrong and you are stupid for believing it. Science finds truths and keeps on asking. The problem is we spend too much time believing partisan political hacks and too little trying o understand the truth and the science behind so many issues we face.

Do want news? Don’t watch CNN or FoxNews or MSNBC or SunNews. CBC in Canada and the BBC is Britain are generally better at reporting (but kep asking questions). Watch shows like Vice and Cosmos to learn the realities and the histories. Read all sides of a story, not just the one you want to hear. Assume everything you believe and hear is wrong and start asking. Question politicians. And listen carefully to what they say in response. Then ask more. You pay them. Find out what the party they belong to is pushing. And ask. Sometimes things that sound good on paper are just steps to other thing which are worse.

If you give a crap about your family and having a sustainable life, demand more from their education. Push your kids to learn and ask. And when you can’t answer a question, don’t get mad or upset that you don’t know. Go find out. You’ll be surprised how easy that can be most of the time.

Science needs to be something more than a bad word. Let’s get the gag off science and start really working for the future. Our children deserve better than we are leaving them. Let’s help them deal it by preparing them as best we can for it. That starts and ends with education. And science.


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  1. Becca says:

    Love it!

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