Where I Am Going

Where I Am Going
I marked the date on the calendar
Like it was a cross
Some form of endless remembrance
Of some piece of time I had lost

I walked to the door and it opened
Don’t recall if that was my fault
It seemed like principled idea
Now burning like a wound full of salt

The driver said this was place
This was where I had wanted to be
But when I stepped out there was nothing
Barren landscape I needed to flee

Words can escape
From my mouth
Or just me
And a dice roll might remind me
From whence it came
But where I am going
Might just be insane

Second turn to minutes
And hours turn to dust
Black water into oil
And gold into rust

My blood glows and glistens
Through my rice paper skin
As my fist slams into
My patronizing grin

Lest ye believe
That violent refrain
Red curled lips
My own disdain

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