Could U2’s Album Be Called “Infinity”?

U2 Sirens

I’ve been have a field day playing around with the bits and pieces of the U2 news in recent weeks.  I am holding firm on my belief the album will be released November 4th (see this).

And this not official but pretty official looking teaser for Sirens contains some interesting details.

It may be real though has not posted it as I write this. Could be an awesome fake. The part that made me think it might be real was the “8” figure at the end.

Now “U2 8” seems like bullshit but one never knows. The way it was put together made me wonder if the album might not be called “Infinity”. THAT title plays into my ongoing conspiracy theory that this will be end for U2. More on that if this turns out to be real. Perhaps the second album release during this coming tour (did I mention ongoing conspiracy theories?) will be called “Resurrection” or maybe “Omega”. Remember you heard it here first (notwithstanding my array of terribly wrong predictions!).

Oh! When I tried to go to, I ended up on a Bing page. So? When I tried and what did I get? Page requested not found. Hmmmm…..

U2 Sirens 2

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