Montage of Heck: A Reaction

Finally watched Montage of Heck.  What a great piece of storytelling.  By the credits when they played Smells Like Teen Spirit I was on my feet (thankfully alone)headbanging and throwing myself around.  I felt happy and sad and bitter and angry.  And for whatever reason this came out of me a few minutes ago.

I play to take my pain away
The crowd, the crowd it gets so loud
They hear they don’t and I just won’t
The pain, the pain, am I insane?
I take stage to say to say
Just leave me alone and go away
But they need me and I need them
Like the needle stuck into my vein
It’s her, it’s me can you not see?
Where were you, dad?
All I did was bleed
And mom I love you and I am so sorry
There was never a good end to this story
I weep, she wept, the joy today
There was never enough to stop the crave
I watch you now, still so confused
Whose fault was I?  Can you not figure?
It was never about that but really me
As the pressure bore down upon the trigger
I scream I rant and rave and flail
As I witness the cross and every nail
And the quiet that descends but the noise never ends
Am I the enemy or just a betrayal?
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