Where’s The Anger?

Someone I know recently asked ‘where has all the angry music gone’.  And I feel that to my soul.  I am so angry at the world for so many things.  As someone who uses music as medicine, it’s no wonder that anger has no outlet right now.

There’s so much to be angry about.  Whether its Trump supporters who don’t understand what they are voting for (though I totally get their frustration with the establishment, Trump is not the right answer) or climate change deniers or a political world that seems convinced that tax cuts are the only answer (Does anyone not think we need to pay for shit??? We hate government so much we think we can solve major issues individually.  We can’t.  We need to vote for people who want to change the world not put $100 in our pockets).  How can we pay down debt by cutting taxes?  How can we keep our infrastructure up to grade by paying less?  How can we pay for war by paying less?  Everything has a cost.

We hate taxes because of the constant perception of mismanagement, part of which is true and part of which is the fact that no government can make everyone happy with policies.  Can’t be done.  People have forgotten that a few dollars from all of us allows many good things to happen.  Part of the blame is on companies that take more and more profit but don’t give their employees raises.  We resent that extra bit going to the government because we have enough trouble keeping up with bills.

Whether its corporate greed and the fact that they won’t pay their employees while they take home more and more or money influence in government, what’s not to be angry about?  People complain about giving free post-secondary education to the poor while students make so little they can’t pay for it themselves.  Nor can their parents who haven’t had a raise in years.  We should fund free college for all but this is a first step.  Our kids and grandkids come out of school so deep in debt it makes you wonder why anyone bothers.

Too many people online find it so easy to hate.  Too simple to rip people to shreds all the while hiding behind some screen name.  My online name is my name.  I spout off a lot.  I’m not always right and I admit when I’m wrong.  Do you?  Do you hide yourself so you can spew?  That pisses me off.  So much partisan garbage out there and no one listens to logic.  Who cares if anything makes sense, right?

So where’s those songs?  I don’t want some folk music about a better world.  I want someone screaming “Fuck you ignorant bastards”!  I want someone yelling about money and religion in politics.  This isn’t about Liberal or Conservative, Republican or Democrat.  It’s about service to all the people based on rights. Politics today is miles away from that.

I want a song about a world that is dying and we’re watching useless Kardashians and Big Brother.  I want a song about the media now in it for the money while journalism takes a holiday.  Where’s the hard truth.  And where the fuck is a song about that?  No one is forced to think.  No one bothers to think and investigate and deal with reality.  Reality is a fake world on tv now.

And where is the rock, alternative and punk that would normally be all over this?  Where’s the rap about that?

We seem to be in a constant state of war.  No one bothers to deal with ‘why’ when it comes to terrorism and hate.  Why does ISIS exist?  What events led to their creation and what part did we play in all that?  Don’t care?  You should because we can’t stop this fight without understanding that we in the west play a role in all these things.  Why the fuck should you try and understand that thought, right?  Just bomb them into submission.  Always works, doesn’t it?  Golly I wonder who will come after ISIS (anyone remember the Taliban, al Qaeda before ISIS?)?

We used to be able to understand the world and express our anger and frustration through music.  I’m waiting.  I’m still waiting.

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