Wake Up Call

World destruction

I haven’t got a thing to say
That makes this any better
I don’t know one more rhyme
That’ll get my brain to settle

The hurt and anger are a growing force
The mangled beliefs gone past are back
Could we be any more ignorant right now?
The world is about to crack

In order for us to be one
We have to truly understand
That we are all built the same
Acceptance is what we demand

Any end to this pain and torture
Will need some common humanity
So we can come together as one
Right now there is no sanity

White on blacks and blacks on whites
Right on left and left on right
Jesus vs Mohammed is not even the point
There is no road to peace with this fight

How can we be so intelligent
Yet be in such damn denial
How can we march as one in love
When we can’t accept a lifestyle?

We can all pray really hard
To fix this mindless mess
But which of your gods is the one
That will manage to unite us?

There is no end to the pain
We all just need to think
To come together as one
And bypass that basest instinct

You can hate me for my skin colour
You can hate me for who I love
You can hate me for my religion
Or where it is I come from

You can hate me because I believe
You can hate because I don’t
You can hate me for being a woman
Or because I wrote this post

Are we all fucked in the head?
Is this our plan for destruction?
Our ultimate mode of worship
Is just our endless consumption

The weapons we use are money
The uniform we wear is fame
Unless we hear the wake up call
Nothing will ever change

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