Progressives, Please Stop Whining!


I may be liberal in my views but I get very tired of listening to the post-election whining of people, media outlets and progressive sites. The hypocrisy is endless.

Case in point, the calls to ban the electoral college. If Hillary had won the electoral college but lost the popular vote to Trump, would you do the same? What’s that? No? Well, then shut up! You don’t get to change the system to suit your outcome.

I don’t believe the electoral college is the issue. There’s so many more reasons for this Trump victory than that. Ummm, gerrymandering anyone? Defining districts to suit your goals while you are in power, to maintain power, is the ultimate cheat.

Money in politics is another issue. It will be very difficult for a moneyed candidate to run and say they will clean up Washington. There’s a good reason for that. They won’t. Everyone knows it.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe Trump will deliver much of anything he promised and he will continue to blame the broken system for his failures. Taking responsibility is not his strong suit. Blaming anyone and everyone else is and will be.

Hillary lost this election for a pile of reasons. The electoral college was not one of them. Calling voters names was the back-breaker in my mind. It showed just how out of touch she was with the voters. She made them ‘not my voters’. She was running for President. That is supposed to be for all Americans.

I can hear you yelling, ‘But, but, but, Trump did the same!!!’. Yes he did. Except he had a message for white, lower and middle class Americans. I will fix this. Hillary did nothing in this regard. They still make up the bulk of the electorate. Many of the groups that Hillary should have had locked up swung to Trump, in part, as well. Bottom line is she was well qualified to be President but a terrible candidate. We have to accept that and not pretend it wasn’t true.

Bernie Sanders likely would have wiped up Trump and tossed him aside. That there was a bit of conspiracy in the DNC to choose Hillary shows the sad state of democracy doesn’t it? I don’t see the Dems getting their act together any time soon. Why? Because they are not being honest about the issues, the errors or what really needs to change.

The Dems need to find themselves another enigmatic candidate. More than that, they need to actually want to change the system. Check that, clean up the system. If they are willing to remove power and influences from money, lobbying and beyond and are honest in that, have plans in place, they will win. Right now I only see a second term for President Trump because progressives are too busy crying foul and DNC has no interest in change.

That the RNC is no better is not part of this equation. They’ve made no bones that they want more of the same. That they have the 3 primary positions of power doesn’t mean that much will get done. Republicans will fight Trump on lots of issues and Trump won’t hesitate to veto bills if he sees it as being in his best interest. The Supreme Court picks will be the worst of this in my mind. Hillary and the DNC put us here. We can blame Trump and everyone else for it but that is being disingenuous. Everyone focused on ‘not Trump’, especially progressive. Because of that we all lost sight of the voters, the American people.

For anyone to not stop to acknowledge what went wrong here is simply looking at losing the 2020 election as well. If you want to win, go back to being the party of the people, the working class, everyone. Make real plans for change NOW and have them ready for the elections to come. And make bloody sure when you get back into power that you deliver on that change. The whining needs to stop. We lost within the bounds of the rules and it is OUR fault not theirs. Take responsibility. It’s what grownups do.

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2 Responses to Progressives, Please Stop Whining!

  1. Rhonda Bantsimba says:

    I have long hated the electoral college and feel that it should be abolished no matter who it’s in office. It is the ultimate departure from the people: “you all are too dumb to know what you want, so let us just take care of that for you.”

    I do agree that the Democratic party needs to get its junk together or that other parties need to emerge to address the role of being for the people. Or maybe more people who hold these values need to get involved. Unfortunately, politics is so distasteful for so many, anyone who could do some real good is turned off from it. It is very clear that the Democratic party has lost sight of that.

  2. kerri says:

    the voice of reason

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