What Kind of World?

What kind of world

I used to think I understood
The world, it used to make sense
Now our lives are all closed in
With an endless barbed wire fence

Was there ever a time
When people were just people?
Not colour, country or sex
Cash, drug or steeple?

Immigrants ‘steal’ jobs
That no one else want?
Gays ‘destroy’ marriage
By going to city hall?
When did being rich
Become a sign of intelligence?
When did humanity and rights
Become less indigenous?

You and I don’t have different ‘facts’
There is no opposing truth
Reality is not a show on tv
Pretending is not proof

If you don’t think we’re in danger
You need to pay attention
Not to political discourse
But the reality of the situation

This is a fight
And it’s to the death
Not of beliefs or ideology
But for all of our breath
I can’t sit here silent
Being labelled a villain
What kind of world will we leave
For all of our children?

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