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I’m Biased. So Are You.

Part of being human is the fact that we all have a tendency to believe that our opinions are always right.  The way we think, whether religiously, politically or socially, is influenced by our upbringing, our friends, our surroundings and … Continue reading

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Men Suck

I feel uniquely qualified to say that.  For one thing, I am a man.  I also happened to be married with four daughters.  But this goes back a lot farther than my current life. In my single days, more often … Continue reading

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What Kind of World?

I used to think I understood The world, it used to make sense Now our lives are all closed in With an endless barbed wire fence Was there ever a time When people were just people? Not colour, country or … Continue reading

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Repost: My 5 Favourite Christmas Songs

Originally posted on Larry Lootsteen's Blog:
? It is, after all, that time of year! I’ll do a proper countdown from 5 to 1! Some choices may seem odd but hey, they are mine! #5 Christmas Is Coming A…

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Progressives, Please Stop Whining!

I may be liberal in my views but I get very tired of listening to the post-election whining of people, media outlets and progressive sites. The hypocrisy is endless. Case in point, the calls to ban the electoral college. If … Continue reading

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Trump. I Get It. I do.

I know so many of us are stunned at Donald Trump’s surprising win against Hillary Clinton.  At the same time I completely understand why so many want radical change.  People are angry.  I am one of them. For years our … Continue reading

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Oleumm8 – Oil Blend Review

I was lucky enough to obtain a sample of this oil through Foodie Pages.  Oleumm8 is a blend of 8 different oils that is high in Omega 3 and Omega 6.  You can get the background by watching the video. … Continue reading

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New USS! Work Shoes

Check out this awesome new track. Lyrics and more below! Their new PledgeMusic campaign with some amazing stuff here! Here’s their Spotify stream: And finally the lyrics: I’m about to rise; I’m about to shine I’m about to, I’m about … Continue reading

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Wake Up Call

I haven’t got a thing to say That makes this any better I don’t know one more rhyme That’ll get my brain to settle The hurt and anger are a growing force The mangled beliefs gone past are back Could … Continue reading

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Three Weeks In South Africa

This journey began long before we departed on January 8th of 2016. We talked about going to Africa for years. We talked about it more after a friend moved to Cape Town. And with our 30th anniversary coming we decided … Continue reading

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